As detailed in our earlier post, the Land Development Agency Act 2021 was signed into law on 21 July 2021 but further Ministerial order was required for its provisions to be commenced.

The first such order has been made and appoints 15 December 2021 as the commencement date for the following provisions of the Act:

(a) Part 1 (Preliminary and General), other than section 11 (Revocation);

(b) Part 2 (Land Development Agency), other than sections 14 (Functions of Agency), 15 (Services to Local Authorities), 17 (Chief Executive of Agency) and 21 (Staff of Agency);

(c) section 25 (Share capital of Agency);

(d) section 26 (Shares in Agency);

(e) section 27 (Payment of dividends);

(f) section 30 (Amendment of National Treasury Management Agency (Amendment) Act 2014);

(g) Part 5 (Dissolution of body established by Order of 2018);

(h) Part 6 (Financial statements and public accountability); and

(i) section 79 (Application of Freedom of Information Act 2014 to Agency).


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