Further provisions of the Land Development Agency Act 2021 have been commenced with effect from 31 March 2022, as follows:

  • Section 11 (Revocation);
  • Section 14 (Functions of Agency);
  • Section 15 (Services to local authorities);
  • Section 17 (Chief executive of Agency);
  • Section 21 (Staff of Agency);
  • Part 3 (Funding of Agency) (except insofar as it is already in operation);
  • Part 4 (Agency to establish subsidiary DACs);
  • Part 7 (Register and acquisition of relevant public land by Agency) (other than subsection (7) of section 55);
  • Part 8 (Compulsory purchase); and
  • Part 10 (Miscellaneous).

The only provisions of the Act remaining to be commenced at this point are:

  • Section 55(7), which requires any calculation of the market value of relevant public land to take into account the obligations in Part 9 that apply to the development of dwellings on relevant public land; and
  • Part 9 (Requirement in relation to development of dwellings on relevant public land and former relevant public land).

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