The Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) has published details of 38 sanctions which it has imposed on landlords who have failed to comply with the requirements of residential tenancies law. This brings to 76 the total number of sanctions imposed since the RTB was given regulatory powers in 2019.

Importantly, over 85% of the total number of sanctions imposed are for breaches of rent controls in rent pressure zones (RPZ). This reflects the fact that the RTB currently prioritises the investigation of breaches of RPZ restrictions.

Other sanctions in this latest batch relate to:

  • failure to register with the RTB;
  • failure to notify the RTB of changes to a tenancy;
  • failure to notify the RTB of reliance on an RPZ exemption; and
  • failure to offer back premises to a tenant where required to do so under the legislation.

The latest sanctions range from a written caution to a fine of €3,963.76. The RTB states that, as a result of all investigations conducted by the RTB to date:

  • Over €338,000 in overcharged rent has been returned to tenants by landlords;
  • The rents in these cases have also been reset to amounts in compliance with the legislation; and
  • Over €60,000 has been paid by landlords in sanctions to date. All sanction amounts are paid to the Exchequer.

Further details are available here.

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