In an earlier post we highlighted the introduction, in November 2022, of a temporary moratorium on the termination of residential tenancies during what was referred to as the “winter emergency period”. The legislation was intended to help reduce homelessness numbers over the course of the winter and was due to expire on 31 March 2023.

Over the past number of weeks there has been much discussion at both political and policy levels as to whether the moratorium, or a version of it, should be extended beyond 31 March given the continued supply issues in the Irish housing market.

However, the Minister for Housing has today confirmed the Government’s decision not to extend the moratorium beyond the original intended expiry date.

In announcing the decision, the Minister said that “the measure has not had the impact of reducing homelessness numbers” and that the Government was concerned that an extension of the moratorium would have the long-term impact of “potentially storing up larger problems”. These problems are understood to be the concern at Government level that any extension might damage supply in the longer term by prompting landlords to leave the rental market.

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