The Department of Housing has this month launched a consultation process on the role of the Private Rental Sector (PRS) in Government’s housing policy and the wider economy. The Department’s press release and the consultation paper can be found here. Some of the key points noted in the consultation paper are as follows:

  1. The importance of the PRS sector within the wider housing system in providing flexible tenure accommodation, in particular for international workers, students, young adults and social housing supply.
  2. The important role institutional investment plays in the PRS sector, including the provision of capital for purpose-built, high-quality units in urban areas, the supply impact, a steady source of construction activity and the professionalisation of landlord functions.
  3. The increase of institutional investment in PRS stock is in line with many of Ireland’s peer economies where institutional investors such as pension funds and insurance companies own considerable proportions of the private rented stock.

The consultation paper also poses a number of questions, such as:

  • whether there are any strategies or policy measures which could be deployed by Government to attract more domestic capital toward sustainable, long-term investments in the residential rental market;
  • which rental policies and policy measures used in other countries ought to be considered for Ireland;
  • whether measures can be taken to specifically incentivise further supply of high-quality units by institutional investors with a long-term commitment to urban rental markets, and if so what form such measures should take.
  • if there are measures which should be taken to have a more structured and well-funded approach to the provision of rental accommodation for students
  • if there are any policy mechanisms available which can protect the long-term interests of tenants and investors alike, such as subsidies or tax measures which apply solely to long-term leases.

The Department is welcoming participation in the consultation process by interested parties. Any views/opinions on the questions posed in the paper should be submitted by way of submission form (available via the above link) emailed to by 26 July 2023.

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